Mónica is a 47 year old dancer and choreographer who lives in Buenos Aires. For two years she has been unsuccessfully trying to stage a new dance choreography. She was born in a small village in the North of Burgos, Spain. Now, this village is almost deserted and only her parents and six other people still live there. She has not returned for twenty years. When she receives a call from her sister, telling her that their father is seriously ill, she decides to return. But when she arrives at the village, her father is already dead. After the funeral, her mother asks her to stay to help her selling the house. Actually two strangers, they now have to get to know each other and learn to live with one another. 

Mónica es una bailarina y coreógrafa de 47 años que vive en Buenos Aires, donde desde hace dos años intenta realizar una nueva obra sin éxito. Nació en un pequeño pueblo al norte de Burgos, donde ahora ya sólo viven sus padres y seis personas más, y al que no ha vuelto desde hace veinte años. Una llamada de su hermana diciéndole que su padre está muy grave la empuja a volver. Pero cuando llega, su padre está muerto. Después del funeral, su madre le pide que se quede con ella para vender la casa. Son casi dos desconocidas que tendrán que aprender a conocerse y a convivir.